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Welcome back to Rutgers BRAIN!

It's the start of a new semester, and you know what that means? More meetings for Rutgers BRAIN! From the e-board of Rutgers BRAIN, we hope that you got to enjoy your winter break to the fullest. Now, it's time to catch up on what you've missed with us and ease you back into what we have planned for the Spring 2021 semester!

In the beginning of the meeting, we reintroduced the e-board members to returning and new members. Afterwards, we illustrated what we've done at Rutgers BRAIN pre-corona and in post-corona times, and how that affects us as an organization. We noted some ideas we had for the semester in addition to events we are co-sponsoring; however, we asked for you all for your opinion for what we should do during the semester. Members who attended the meeting filled out a Google Form (which is the QR code illustrated in the image).

Next, we moved onto general topics of mental health and the resources we have at Rutgers University, since these are trying times for everyone. Since it's February, we talked a little about Black History Month. We did this through talking about two prominent individuals: Billi Gordon and Laura Ngwenya. Moreover, we mentioned black-campaigned organizations involved in neuroscience.

Finally, at the end of the meeting, we've provided more information on where and how to reach us. There was a presentation showcasing our website in addition to our social media platforms, Instagram and Facebook.

If you weren't able to attend this meeting, as always, the presentation is linked in the image above. Make sure to follow us at our Instagram, @rutgers_brain, and our Facebook, Rutgers BRAIN, for updates on our next meeting.

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