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Under (Cranial) Pressure

As we're adjusting to the beginning of a new semester, there may be moments that we feel stress. Don't fret! During our Under (Cranial) Pressure meeting, we not only explained the neuroscience of stress, but also demonstrated and emphasized the importance of self-love.

First and foremost, we decided to break the ice with a Kahoot! game that allowed our BRAINers to learn the basics of neuroscience. Following that, we defined what stress is, in addition to the neuroscience of the stress response. To conclude the segment on stress, we demonstrated the long-term effects stress can have on our bodies.

In order to combat the negative effects, we transitioned onto our next topic: self-love. A majority of our meeting broke down this topic since we, as college students, may forget to practice self-love while dealing with a heavy workload. Beginning this topic, we proceeded to define what self-love is, as well as its importance, and ways to practice it. Moreover, we broke down the history of self-love and how it affects our culture today. Finally, we concluded the meeting by comparing the similarities and differences between how stress and self-love affects men and women.

As always, if you weren't able to attend this meeting, the presentation is linked in the image above. Make sure to follow us at our Instagram,@rutgers_brain, and our Facebook, Rutgers BRAIN, for updates on our next meeting.

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