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Sketch and Suggestion Sesh

As the Spring 2021 semester comes to an end, so does Rutgers BRAIN for the season, but we wouldn't leave our members in the dust. For our last meeting of Spring 2021, Sketch 'n Suggestion Sesh, we provided our members with the opportunity to have an open discussion with the graduating seniors, upperclassmen, and those in the same year as them, including those in the BRAIN E-Board.

Since the last year and a half has been a stressful time because of the pandemic, we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are aiming to return back to campus for the Fall 2021 semester. Because of our return, many rising Sophomores don't know what to expect in terms of the in-campus experience. We provided this meeting as an opportunity to share the wealth of wisdom that each person has.

In addition, we introduced our new E-Board for the next school year, as well as said good bye to some of our E-Board members, and left the floor open for suggestions that our members had for us. With a new E-Board and great ideas provided from our members personally, Rutgers BRAIN hopes to come back stronger (and in person) for the upcoming semester.

For updates on Rutgers BRAIN, be sure to follow us at our Instagram, @rutgers_brain, and our Facebook, Rutgers BRAIN. Stay safe for the summer!

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