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Mind Over Platter (Or Platter Over Mind?)

Find yourself stress-eating due to midterms? Take a break and look at the research from those who study what we consume for our bodies every single day. For this Rutgers BRAIN meeting, the e-board members decided to team up with Rutgers Chapter for National Honor Society in Neuroscience, Rutgers Association for Neurological Disorders, and Rutgers Cell Biology and Neuroscience Society and host a panel discussion with prominent food and gut science researchers.

Kicking off this meeting, each organization introduced their e-board members and what their missions are; so, if you find any of our collaborating organizations interesting, don't hesitate to attend their next general body meeting! They'd appreciate seeing new and returning faces in their meeting.

Afterwards, the researchers presented their own research along with their contact information; so, if you are interested in learning more and working alongside them, please feel free to contact them with the information they have provided! Nonetheless, the food and gut science researchers who participated in the panel discussion are as follows: T. Lee Gilman, Ph.D (they/them), Sara Campbell, Ph.D (she/her), Frankie D. Heyward, Ph.D (he/him), and Natale Sciolino, Ph.D (she/her). These researchers did an excellent job throughout the discussion, so if you want to learn more about what they do, please feel free to click the image above to view the meeting.

Thank you once again to the aforementioned organizations and researchers for making this meeting possible! It was a delight to be with you all and to learn from you all.

As always, if you missed out on this meeting, click the image below to view the PowerPoint presentation. For updates on our future meetings and events at Rutgers BRAIN, be sure to follow us at our Instagram, @rutgers_brain, and our Facebook, Rutgers BRAIN.

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