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In Support of Black Lives Matter

The board members here at Rutgers BRAIN are sending our love and support to the entire black community and to all of those affected by the death of George Floyd, whether directly or indirectly. We will not stand for injustice, inequality, discrimination and racism. We must all work together to strive towards a more just, fair, and equal future for everybody. We ask that you all do what you can to help the cause, no matter how big or small. Donate to the cause, attend a protest, sign petitions, send emails or call government officials, write about the movement, watch a video or the news, partake in a discussion, read an article, do anything! Even little things will all add up to help. In order to build a brighter future, we must all do our part to create and enforce change and educate ourselves and others.

We have gathered a multitude of resources, so that you could help those who have been negatively affected as well as learn about the movement:

Additionally, within the Rutgers Community, we are proud to have and support the multiple organizations that help, empower, as well as, are run by black individuals. Here is a list of organizations in Rutgers whose mission and work you should look into:

Finally, please do not forget to vote! Your vote is what allows change to happen within our country, so don't forget to use your voice at the polls. Here is an additional link that will tell you whether or not you are registered to vote in New Jersey:


Photo Credit: The Courier, the College of Dupage’s student newspaper

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