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Chasing BRAINbows!

The new semester entails new beginnings such as: new classes, new changes to our campus, and new meetings from yours truly! We at Rutgers BRAIN are so excited to have you back for the Fall 2021 semester. Recently, we've had our first General Body meeting, Chasing BRAINbows, in-person to break the ice with returning and new members.

During this in-person meeting, we emphasized the Rutgers BRAIN mission while showcasing what we have done in the previous years to demonstrate what we as an organization look like in-person and online. Next, we introduced our returning (with new positions) and new E-Board members. As a gentle reminder, most of our E-Board members will be graduating after the Spring 2022 semester, so stick around until then and keep an eye out for E-board position applications around that time period.

Following our introduction, we defined what a Brainbow is and for our activity, we created our own while giving our members a chance to introduce themselves. Afterwards, we explained what we advocate for, what we plan on doing, like upcoming events, and opened the floor for any questions and comments. As a reminder, our next in-person event is for Mental Illness Awareness Week, where we are tabling throughout the week of October 4th through 8th. Please check the BRAIN GroupMe to take advantage of this tabling opportunity.

If you missed out on this meeting, click the image below to view the PowerPoint presentation or the video below. For updates on our future meetings and events at Rutgers BRAIN, be sure to follow us at our Instagram, @rutgers_brain, and our Facebook, Rutgers BRAIN. Good luck with the semester!

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