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Brain Awareness Week 2021: Interviews with Neuroscientists

During the week of March 14th through March 20th, it is national Brain Awareness Week. Here, at Rutgers BRAIN, we have decided to kickoff this year's national Brain Awareness Week by hosting an event in collaboration with Rutgers Association for Neurological Disorders and the Rutgers Chapter of the National Honor Society in Neuroscience.

Beginning the meeting, we introduced our organization, as well as our collaborators, and our missions. Afterwards, for those who didn't know what Brain Awareness Week was, we explained its history and its goal. Its goal is as follows:" unite organizations with the common theme that brain research is the hope of treatments, preventions, and possible cures for brain diseases and disorders and to ensure a better quality of life at all ages."

Throughout the meeting, we broadcasted interviews of the following prominent individuals from Rutgers who focus on Neuroscience: Dr. Bonnie Firestein, Mikayla Voglewede, and Dr. Victoria Abraira. Following their interviews, we reflected on their interviews with our BRAINers.

Concluding our meeting, we displayed the Brain Awareness Week calendar from the official founder and introduced our social media campaign. To keep up with our campaign and for updates on our next meeting, be sure to follow us at our Instagram,@rutgers_brain, and our Facebook, Rutgers BRAIN.

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