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Trick or Trivia

From Rutgers BRAIN, we wish you a happy and safe Halloween!

During our "Trick or Trivia" meeting, we talked about a couple of spooky subjects relating to psychology and neuroscience. We began our meeting by presenting phobias, specifically by sharing the definition, the categories, and common types that even our BRAINers may have. Following that, we discussed the causes of nightmares and some of the common types. After that, we took a little break and shared to our BRAINers a short video on out of body experiences. Continuing onto more light-hearted topics, we talked about the psychology of Halloween colors and the neuroscience behind watching horror movies.

Concluding the night, we played a fun trivia game with our BRAINers! Our trivia questions was mostly related to what we discussed during the meeting; however, we threw some Halloween questions at our members to rack their brains over.

As always, if you weren't able to attend this meeting, the presentation is linked in the image above. Make sure to follow us at our Instagram, @rutgers_brain, and our Facebook, Rutgers BRAIN, for updates on our next meeting.


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