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Circulating Brain: Introduction, Your Body's Sewer

This miniseries of suspenseful espionage will chronicle what is occuring in your body. Join us in this thrilling story, bizarrely based on YOU.

Squeeze your thighs. Release. Squeeze again.

You have powers. No, they are not unique: they are effective. Our little exercise just had healing properties on the body.

Your body has a secret drainage system. It is not famous. But like most ignored items, your inner grottos keep the system running. 

What would a city be without vacuum cleaners? What would a country be without central intelligence? What would your body be without it's lymphatic system?

It would not be. The lymphatic system, unlike the circulatory system, has no heart to pump drainage through its sewers. Instead, it uses two very basic forces: gravity and "squish". As the forefinger and thumb squish the tube of toothpaste, muscles squish your own covert tubes, housing the bizarre figures of the shadows keeping you alive. 

That is not all: merely an introduction. Join us next time to start a classic tale of cat and mouse: espionage, betrayal, armies, love, innocence, and mass destruction sculpting your circulating brain. What are the stakes?

Your life.

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