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A Glimpse Inside

Stem Cell Models of Neurodegenerative Disease, Dr. Ron Hart

Last week, Dr. Ronald Hart, Director of the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey from the W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience held an engaging Q&A with members from BRAIN in the final event of 2017.

Dr. Hart discussed topics relevant to all with interest in Biological sciences, including but not limited to tenure, cerebroids, genome editing, bioinformatics, RUCDR, whole genome sequencing, microarrays, interdisciplinary connections to neuroscience, professorship, the NIH, Alzheimer's, technological revolutions in science, a bizarre genetic connection to metabolic enzymes, and even the importance of coding.

Dr. Hart grants insight to BRAIN

On the eve of final exams, students were so engrossed in the wealth of information that BRAIN almost forgot to wrap up the program.

Dr. Ronald Hart engages BRAIN members
Cynthia Zheng, Co-President, engages a BRAINee

Cynthia Zheng, Co-President, engages a BRAINee while Dr. Hart passionately discusses neuroscience in the background.

The BRAIN executive board poses with Dr. Hart

The BRAIN executive board poses with the honored guest speaker. Thank you Dr. Hart for your candid insight into the professions of biomedical research.

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